Mastering Solidity

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Your journey towards mastering Solidity made easy with this comprehensive guide.

Covered topics:

  • Understand how to test & debug Smart Contracts with Truffle framework^ Ganache^ Remix^ and MetaMask.
  • Gain insight into maintaining code quality with different tools.
  • Deep dive into ERC standards such as ERC-20 and ERC-721.
  • Become adept at using design patterns while writing Smart Contracts.
  • Understand how to use MultiSig wallets and how they are used to improve the security of the contracts.
  • Get to grips with using Oracle services to fetch information outside of the Blockchain.


With this book^ the readers will learn how to write production-ready Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Blockchain. This book will serve as a comprehensive guide that covers different ERC standards such as ERC-20^ ERC-223^ ERC-721. We will also discuss which standard to choose while writing Smart Contracts. You will be taken through different Smart Contracts available for use in libraries such as OpenZeppelin. You will explore Truffle^ Gache^ Remix & MetaMask and different approaches to write ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Smart Contracts. You will also learn to use different open source tools to test^ review and improve the quality of the code to make it production ready. Finally^ with the help of comprehensive examples^ you will learn how to add security to Smart Contracts and the delve into the various security considerations that must be paid attention to.