Mastering Drupal 8 Theme Development

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Take the design of your Drupal site to the next level by creating custom themes with front-end development finesse

Covered topics:

  • See whats new with Drupal 8 theme files and how to find the best starting point for your custom theme
  • Gain a deep understanding of how a Drupal theme fits within an overall site architecture and strategies to best implement a custom design
  • Know how to override default Drupal markup with Twig templates and get just the right data exactly where you want it in your HTML markup
  • Integrate front-end development techniques with your Drupal theme^ including front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Angular
  • Build CSS from Sass using Grunt or Gulp^ pulling in third-party tools with npm and Bower
  • Use Drupal behaviors and settings so your JavaScript works well with Drupals APIs
  • Prototype new designs with Pattern Lab and provide responsive image styles
  • Add user interface settings to your theme^ generate sub themes with Drupal Console^ and contribute your theme to the community


Dressing for success can make or break your site. An off-the-shelf design might look okay^ but will it stand out? A custom theme can make your Drupal 8 site shine like no other. Not sure where to start? If you�ve used default Drupal themes and want to kick it up a notch to create your own theme^ this book is here to help. Take full control of the appearance of your Drupal 8 site. Get your HTML markup just the way you want it with Twig. Use front-end frameworks from Bootstrap and Foundation to Angular. Or craft your own user experience with Sass^ and front-end build tools and custom JavaScript that makes the most of Drupal�s APIs. Make sure your site is responsive: prototype new designs with Pattern Lab and provide responsive image styles. Soon you�ll have a high performance site that soars above the rest. Once your finely-tuned theme is using front-end development best practices^ you might even share your theme with others. You will also provide settings for your theme on administration screens and simplify how your theme can be reused for future projects. Fame^ fortune^ fashion�just look at that bright future ahead once you�ve mastered Drupal 8 theme development!