Mastering Cloud Penetration Testing

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Employ penetration-testing strategies^ identify vulnerabilities^ and ramp up security on the cloud

Covered topics:

  • Utilize a wide range of methodologies specific to cloud penetration testing
  • Learn to investigate incidents in the event of a breach
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the IaaS^ Paas^ and SaaS models and their corresponding pentesting strategies
  • Organize and set up security roadblocks around the cloud
  • Analyze the essentials of cloud infrastructure and laws on the popular platforms
  • Recognize common vulnerabilities and secure them


Cloud technology is being adopted by corporations around the world simply because it enables them to do away with servers and much of their IT hardware. This rapid migration to the cloud offers several benefits^ but it also exposes these organizations to terrifying attacks. As a result of these recent attacks^ companies have started investing heavily in cloud penetration testing to safeguard themselves. Mastering Cloud Penetration Testing will focus on training security professionals to identify and mitigate technical security weaknesses while setting up secure environments on the cloud. It will cover a wide range of methodologies while using familiar tools such as Metasploit^ Nmap^ Burp^ and Kali-Linux. The book will show you how to secure cloud environments such as IaaS^ PaaS^ and SaaS^ including public and private clouds such as AWS^ Azure and OpenStack. In addition to this^ it will go through the formulation of pentesting strategies based on various cloud deployment models^ management^ and security.