Mastering Apache Cordova

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Create dynamic^ interactive^ and highly scalable hybrid mobile apps with Apache Cordova 6.X

Covered topics:

  • Design^ develop^ test^ and debug Apache Cordova apps
  • Empower your Cordova apps by creating custom Android^ iOS^ and Windows Phone Cordova Plugins
  • Create nifty-looking Cordova apps using jQuery mobile and Ionic
  • Enhance your Cordova apps by utilizing Push Notifications
  • Connect your Cordova apps to Cloud
  • Leverage the best of native and web worlds to create convenient mobile apps
  • Increase your Apache Cordova apps quality by developing automated JavaScript tests


If you want to create modern day dynamic apps that run seamlessly across multiple platforms^ then this is the ideal book for you. Apache Cordova is ideal to build cross-platform hybrid apps with HTML5^ CSS3^ and JavaScript and gives developers freedom from platform-specific UIs and frameworks. This book will transform you into a pro hybrid mobile developer and let you create dynamic^ scalable mobile apps with HTML5^ CSS3^ and JavaScript. You�ll start by getting a refresher on Cordova and will see how to configure your development environment. Then we move on to the business end by implementing the Cordova 6 CLI^ which has gone through a number of key changes in the latest version. You will create and customize dynamic UIs that support real-time data update facilities. You will learn to improve your UX design by implementing industry-leading best practices and techniques. The last part of the book will show you how to test and deploy your apps to different platforms.