Learning Vaadin

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Having a command of the Vaadin framework means your Java web applications will look and perform brilliantly. Learn how with this all-inclusive^ step-by-step tutorial to mastering Rich Internet Application development.

Covered topics:

  • Understand the limitations of the thin-client approach and the rationale behind Vaadin
  • Develop web applications with your favorite IDE
  • Grasp key concepts: components^ layouts^ events^ containers and bindings
  • Easily create full-fledged web applications
  • Use the Vaadin directory to add exciting features on top of Vaadin
  • Extend Vaadin to create and share new components
  • Integrate Vaadin on top of Spring^ CDI^ and
  • Deploy Vaadin on the
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Vaadin is a new Java web framework for making applications look great and perform well^ making your users happy. Vaadin promises to make your user interfaces attractive and usable while easing your development efforts and boosting your productivity. With this book in hand you will be able to utilize the full range of development and deployment features offered by Vaadin while thoroughly understanding the concepts. is a practical step-by-step tutorial to understanding^ using^ and mastering the art of RIA development with Vaadin. You will learn about the fundamental concepts that are the cornerstones of the framework^ at the same time making progress on building your own web application. The book will also show you how to integrate Vaadin with other popular frameworks and how to run it on top of internal as well as externalized infrastructures. This book will show you how to become a professional Vaadin developer by giving you a concrete foundation through diagrams^ practical examples and ready-to-use source code. It will enable you to grasp all the notions behind Vaadin one step at a time: components^ layouts^ events^ containers^ and bindings. You will learn to build first-class web applications using best-of-breed technologies. You will find detailed information on how to integrate Vaadin s presentation layer on top of other widespread technologies^ such as Spring^ CDI^ and . Finally^ the book will show you how to deploy on different infrastructures like and .