Learning iOS 8 for Enterprise

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Design and develop stunning iOS applications for business environments

Covered topics:

  • Explore more UI components for your app such as Labels and Picker view
  • Get to know about the implementation of APIs introduced in iOS 7
  • Discover the framework that will be introduced with iOS 8
  • Discover how to use iCloud and security services for iPhone
  • Build keychain activities to secure passwords and pins
  • Distribute your app on the App Store with the help of examples


iOS 8 is the biggest release for developers since the introduction of the App Store. iOS devices are widely used in enterprise environments^ and iOS 8 is packed with new features for enterprises. With millions of iOS 8 devices out on the market^ there is an ever-increasing demand for iOS 8 app developers. Learning iOS 8 for Enterprise starts off by showing you how to install Xcode and how to build your first iPhone application^ introducing you to iOS^ its framework^ and the basics of Objective-C and its usage for application development. Next^ you are shown how to use enterprise features in iOS by practically building an iOS enterprise application. Furthermore^ you will learn how to use AirDrop to remotely send/receive files. Along with this^ you will also learn about security services and building an iCloud in your application.