Learning d3.js Data Visualization - Second Edition

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Inject new life into your data by creating compelling visualizations with d3.js

Covered topics:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the common D3 development idioms
  • Be able to input data^ transform it^ and output it as a visualization
  • Add simple effects and user interactions to a visualization
  • Find out how to write basic D3 code for server using Node.js
  • Automate testing visualizations using Mocha
  • Achieve fluency in ES2015^ the most modern version of JavaScript


D3 has emerged as one of the leading platforms to develop beautiful^ interactive visualizations over the web. We begin by setting up a strong foundation^ then build on this foundation book will take you through the entire world of reimagining data using interactive^ animated visualizations created in D3.js. In addition to covering the various features of D3.js to build a wide range of visualizations^ we also focus on the entire process of representing data through visualizations so that developers and those interested in data visualization will get the entire process right. We also include chapters that explore a wide range of visualizations through practical use cases. By the end of this book^ you will have unlocked the mystery behind successful data visualizations and will be ready to use D3 to transform any data into a more engaging and sophisticated visualization.