jQuery Tools UI Library

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Learn jQuery Tools with clear^ practical examples and get inspiration for developing your own ideas with the library book and ebook

Covered topics:

  • Discover the power and versatility of the Tools^ despite only requiring a few lines of code
  • Learn to use jQuery Tools’ Overlay UI Tools to produce exciting websites using Overlays^ Tabs^ Scrollables and Tooltips
  • Set up forms that can be validated correctly^ either with standard validators^ or with custom-built additional functionality
  • Combine several tools together to produce exciting^ useful effects
  • Develop your own versions of each function^ using the examples provided in the book^ that you can customize to your own liking
  • Combine various tools with additional jQuery code and provide extra functionality to your website
  • Use the accompanying PDF to learn how to use jQuery Tools within content management systems^ such as Wordpress


You’re designing a website^ which is going to become a work of art^ with snappy response times – do you want to slow it down with lots of extra^ unwanted functionality? jQuery Tools can provide you with just the functionality you need^ that appears on most websites around the world^ and which you can customize to your heart’s content. will show you how to add useful functionality to your website^ using the compact but powerful jQuery Tools library. You will get stuck into simple yet powerful projects that you can implement straightaway^ and which will give you inspiration for developing your own versions in future projects. You will go on a whirlwind tour through jQuery Tools^ beginning with best practices that should be used^ through to detailed projects on each tool in the Library^ that you can copy from the book^ or download from Packt’s website. The book will include tips and comments on how to alter elements^ or ideas on what can be included to extend the functionality you want to include in your websites. Begin with a short explanation of the origins of jQuery Tools^ followed by some of the best practices that should be used^ as well as some detail on how to use its API and event capabilities. When you have finished reading “jQuery Tools UI Library”^ you will have learnt all about the library^ using clear^ practical examples that you can take into your own projects and use^ or develop into your own designs for future use.