Getting Started with Ratchet

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Learn the art of developing mobile application using the Ratchet framework to build mobile applications that look and act just like native iOS and Android devices with Ratchet

Covered topics:

  • Find out how to use the Ratchet framework for mobile prototyping
  • Acquire the knowledge you need to use MVC frameworks with Ratchet
  • Discover how to add Block Buttons in Ratchet
  • Understand how to use Adobe PhoneGap to build mobile applications
  • Explore the structure and components of Ratchet
  • Become competent at using Ratchet with any MVC framework such as AngularJS^ Backbone.js^ Ember^ and Knockout
  • Understand Ratchets built-in slider component using CSS classes


With the rise of mobile application development^ the need to create mobile applications faster using the tools of front-end developers such as HTML^ CSS^ and JavaScript to create the look and feel of iOS and Android devices. Through Getting Started with Ratchet^ you�ll become familiar with the Ratchet mobile development framework. First^ you�ll get an understanding of the basic structure of a Ratchet application prototype. Next^ you�ll find out how to install and configure pre-built components in a Ratchet application prototype for multiple devices. You�ll discover how to use page transitions in Ratchet with Push.js. Then we�ll add buttons to an application prototype and utilize the built-in slider component to browse images and use swipe gestures.