Ethereum Game Development Projects

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Are you an aspiring blockchain and crypto developer looking to monetize your skills? Learn to build your own Ethereum games using Solidity language.

Covered topics:

  • Learn how to develop^ deploy^ test and run smart contracts
  • Use tools and libraries such as MyEtherWallet^ Truffle^ Bootstrap^ Web3.js^^ Metamask and Unity game engine to create projects
  • Discover how to interface Ethereum with game engines^ and use certain frameworks^ libraries^ and APIs to speed-upEthereum game development
  • Understand runtime considerations of an Ethereum game
  • Plan^ design and develop Ethereum game projects^ and add features to these projects
  • Understand the basics of security and the common mistakes made while implementing an Ethereum-based game


We’re on the cusp of a blockchain revolution^ with cryptocurrency games that have sprung up and are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community. Looking through the lens of blockchain-based games^ they offer us a robust virtual platform for asset ownership^ secure trading and fiat liquidity. The book will get you started on Ethereum game development with Ethereum basics^ and teach you Solidity syntax as well as tools like MyEtherWallet^ Truffle^ Bootstrap^ Web3.js^ Metamask and Unity game engine that interface with Ethereum smart contracts. Whether you are a game developer or a crypto enthusiast^ you are sure to enjoy creating fun casino-style game projects like a lottery game^ a web-based Ethereum slot machine game^ a crypto collectible character game^ and a sandbox cryptogame. As for the player experience^ the gameplay in these Ethereum game projects has all the right ingredients that keep players in the game loop: progression^ quests^ battles and friend invitations. This book will comprehensively cover planning^ design and production aspects of Ethereum gaming. Just like traditional video games^ you’ll learn how to implement Ethereum game design features for the most popular game genres^ such as action^ adventure^ platform^ puzzle^ racing^ sports^ RPG and MMORPG^ shooter^ fighting^ simulation and strategy games. We’ll end our journey by understanding how blockchain games are the real game changer in security and funding^ along with addressing some common issues and their solutions.