Developing Enterprise-scale AWS Applications

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Unify the core AWS services to create a powerful^ flexible^ and scalable enterprise application

Covered topics:

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of a cloud-based web application over a self-hosted application
  • Create powerful web applications by using and integrating over 20 Amazon Web Services
  • Get to grips with the architectural design for efficient and scalable cloud services
  • Perform large batch processing jobs to analyze your analytics using Elastic MapReduce
  • Model your data storage by exploiting both SQL and NoSQL databases in different scenarios
  • Understand the importance of integration testing and the power of Jenkins in your web application lifecycle
  • Explore the benefits of using Docker to keep your development^ staging^ and production environments exactly the same
  • Deploy production environments securely using EC2^ CloudFormation^ Auto Scaling Groups^ Load Balancers^ and Security Groups
  • Assimilate a real-time stream of data and perform high-power batch processing using the state of the art in distributed computation
  • Build a sample complex^ real-world application created with cloud architecture best practices


Cloud computing is no longer just a buzzword � it is the standard for enterprise infrastructure and a sample for business data analysis. Monolithic servers that take days to provision and act as single points of failure are no longer considered practical for businesses that need to scale instantaneously to ever-changing business conditions. A well-designed AWS application allows you to build a scalable and robust system^ trusted by enterprise scale businesses around the world. Developing Enterprise-scale AWS Applications covers the advantages of a cloud-based application rather than a system hosted entirely in a data centre. You will move your application into the cloud and take advantage of the performance and scalability improvements that can be leveraged by hosting on Amazon Web Services. Starting with an introduction of AWS and the services it provides^ you will get into the details of building and deploying scalable web services that will come together as a full-scale^ production-ready analytics system. As you learn more about AWS and what it has to offer^ you will begin to create an analytics application from the ground up^ complete with full code samples. You will learn about the data persistence options offered by Amazon^ including both relational and non-relational databases. You�ll set up an analytics ingestion system and MapReduce jobs for processing the data. Along the way^ you will learn about securing your infrastructure and deployment strategies in order to create a dynamically scalable enterprise application. By the end of the book^ you will have a scalable and functional analytics system that is production ready. Through working examples and architecture diagrams^ you will be able to extend and integrate the knowledge learned into your own enterprise applications.