Cracking the Coding Interview: OOPs [Video]

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Learn important JavaScript Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts you ll need for your next interview

Covered topics:

  • Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming
  • Discover the latest ES6 JavaScript features for Object-Oriented Programming
  • Practice writing some of the most common JavaScript algorithms during technical interviews


Are you afraid of your interview and want to practice before the final day? This course will be a perfect guide for you and will help you nail questions in your coding interview related to the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm. We have adopted a language-agnostic approach for our course^ with JavaScript as our main language. This course sets out to provide developers with the necessary tools to ace their next interview by providing insights into advanced JavaScript concepts^ using one of the best-known programming paradigms over the last 40 years in software development. This course will strengthen your foundations in that area and supply practical questions that will serve as a teaser for the kind of questions expected in a coding interview. You will learn how OOP has advantages which incorporate modularity and reusability. After each section^ you’ll have a task which will help you gain confidence in the OOP paradigm. By the end of the course^ you will be confident enough to nail any questions on the OOP paradigm that can be asked during a technical interview. A comprehensive course packed with step-by-step instructions on how to practice and prepare for a technical interview.