CoreOS Cookbook

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Over 90 exciting recipes to champion the skills of running applications reliably and securely on any environment

Covered topics:

  • Build your own containers
  • Explore etcd for effective cluster management
  • Manage your containers using Docker and Rkt
  • Setup and design Kubernetes
  • Manage application configuration
  • Secure and troubleshoot CoreOS


CoreOS is a powerful open source linux distribution system to manage your services at a higher level of abstraction. Projects are designed to be composable and complement each other in order to run container-ready infrastructure. If you are aware of the basics of CoreOS and want to start implementing it for your organization^ then this book is for you. We will quickly get you started with configuring^ deploying and running your CoreOS on various platforms. You will learn about service discovery and cluster administration with ETCD. We will then deep dive into the core functionalities like Kuberenetes Cluster orchestration with features like service discovery^ automatic load-balancing and container replication. It will also teach you how to build your own container and manage it using Docker and Rkt and Cluster management with Fleet. You will also learn how to secure and troubleshoot your CoreOS. By the end of the book you will be able to build scalable^ large and quick deployments on various infrastructure enabling you to manage it with ease.