Cocos2d-x Game Development Essentials

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Create iOS and Android games from scratch using Cocos2d-x.

Covered topics:

  • Set up Cocos2d-x to create games
  • Create a new project in Cocos2d-x
  • Learn to run a project on iOS and Android platforms
  • Implement the core game structure using Cocos2d-x tools and techniques
  • Add gameplay using general coding practices and built-in functions within Cocos2d-x
  • Manipulate the game items to provide gameplay using Cocos2d-x actions
  • Overcome common problems faced during the game development phase with Cocos2d-x


Cocos2d-x is the C++ port of the most popular open source 2D framework in the world. Cocos2d-x is an amazing open source game engine that allows developers to exploit their existing C++^ Lua^ and JavaScript knowledge for cross-platform deployment into iOS^ Android^ Windows Phone^ BlackBerry^ Tizen^ and HTML5^ saving you time^ effort^ and cost. You will learn the essentials of Cocos2d-x through examples^ by creating a game from scratch. The book starts with adding scenes and menus to the game. Furthermore^ you can learn more about the varied features such as scene transitions^ game sprites^ moving the spaceship^ and adding audio to make your game livelier. By the end of the book^ you will be able to solve problems that may arise during the entire game development phase.