Build Modern Web Applications with .NET

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  • clock 17h 15m


Teaches you the concepts of modern web application development using C# and ASP.NET MVC and how to apply the tools and techniques to quickly and efficiently build robust applications.

Covered topics:

  • Use some features of the .NET framework
  • Build reliable web applications end to end
  • Break down a big problem into sub-tasks
  • Understand the basic architecture of a web application
  • Write tests to validate the behaviour of your applications
  • Use MVC pattern to create web applications
  • Decompose your applications in layers following a basic architecture
  • Install and take advantages of useful libraries
  • Learn how to write tests to cover your code
  • Learn how to use a source control manager and how to work in a team of developers
  • Learn how to deploy your applications in different environments


In this course^ we will build an address book web application from scratch using C# and ASP.NET MVC applying the concepts introduced. By the end of the book^ we will have a complete application where we will be able to add^ edit and remove contacts from the address book^ login and register users and also login as an administrator to manage the users and permissions of the application. Our application will look like a real-life scalable web application where the code is covered with tests. We will have also taken into account the performances for the end user by implementing a caching strategy using RedisCache. On top of developing a robust application^ the readers would have also learned how to deploy an application and how to work within a team of developers using a source control manager and continuous integration principles.