AWS Administration - The Definitive Course [Video]

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Gain technical expertise in deployment^ management^ and operations on the AWS platform

Covered topics:

  • Overview of AWS management console and services offered
  • Manage users^ groups^ roles^ policies and other IAM services
  • Deploy an EC2 instance into your custom Virtual Private Cloud
  • Create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Get familiar with AWS storage options and explore AWS native databases like RDS^ DynamoDB^ RedShift^ and ElastiCache
  • Understand how to use AWS Route 53
  • Get serverless with AWS messaging and application services
  • Design an AWS well-architected framework


Because of its versatility and flexible design^ AWS can be used to accomplish a variety of simple and complicated tasks such as hosting multi-tier websites^ running large-scale parallel processing^ content delivery^ petabyte storage and archival^ and lots more. This course guides you through the core AWS services (such as IAM^ EC2^ VPC^ RDS^ and S3) using a simple real-world application-hosting example that you can relate to. This tutorial will also enhance your application delivery skills with the latest AWS services such as CodeBuild^ CodeDeploy^ X-ray^ and CloudFront so you can provide continuous delivery and deployment and secure and monitor your environment workflows. Each chapter is designed to provide you with as much information as possible about specific AWS services and is accompanied by easy-to-follow^ hands-on steps^ best practices^ tips^ and recommendations. By the end of the video^ you will be able to create a highly secure^ fault-tolerant^ and scalable environment for your applications to run on. Whether you are a seasoned sysadmin or a rookie^ this tutorial will provide you with all the necessary skills to design^ deploy^ and manage your applications on the AWS cloud platform. This guide offers recommended best practices and in-depth instruction with examples that will enable you to design and implement resources on AWS.