Angular 2 Blueprints

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Follow this collection of Angular 2 tutorials and start building your own end to end projects with the framework that s redefining web development

Covered topics:

  • Migrate your application module by module so that both Angular 1.x and Angular 2.x code can work within a single project
  • Create custom components that can be inserted into WordPress themes to build fluid^ responsive^ and beautiful websites
  • Find out to integrate Supersonic and Steroids tools to build hybrid apps using Angular
  • Understand how a whiteboard collaboration app can allow users to join a conference and draw on a virtual whiteboard with real-time viewing facility
  • Work through techniques to enhance your applications performance and secure critical data
  • Master Push-to-Deploy to deploy your applications on the cloud using Heroku and Google Cloud


This is a learn-as-you-build practical guide to building full-fledged applications using Angular 2 and other associated tools. It starts by unveiling the new features of the Angular 2 framework and quickly walks you through the basic building blocks that form the basis of making an application. If you have been building applications with 1.x versions of Angular^ this book will also lay down the migration steps required to port your application to the newer version without disrupting the functionalities. Each chapter comprises a project and takes you through the process of building applications such as a single-page responsive web app^ hybrid mobile app^ video conference app^ or stock market app^ and will show you how to eventually deploy the application�s source code to a Google Cloud Source Repository. Other practical projects include a CMS and a Facebook app^ as well as other valuable examples for any developer s utility belt. Through the course of building applications^ this book will not only help you get to grips with the various features of the Angular 2 framework^ but will also teach you how to design and prototype professional-grade applications with performance and security considerations.