Alfresco Developer Guide - Second Edition

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Use and customize the powerful Alfresco platform with Share UI^ web scripts^ workflows^ and more

Covered topics:

  • Set up your development environment using Eclipse IDE and Apache Maven
  • Extend Alfresco Content Model with business-specific metadata
  • Use Alfresco Share to display custom content^ allow search^ and support multiple locales
  • Manage content with various mechanisms including JavaScript and CMIS
  • Write custom actions^ metadata extractors^ content transformers^ and behaviors^ using Java or JavaScript in Alfresco Share
  • Roll out your own REST API to enable a front-end web site to interact with the repository via AJAX
  • Automate business processes using the embedded Activiti engine^ add logic to business processes using Alfresco s JavaScript and Java APIs^ and expose the business process to non-Alfresco users
  • Secure the repository by defining custom roles and configuring Alfresco to authenticate against LDAP


Alfresco is an open source platform for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. ECM includes document management^ web content management^ Collaboration/Enterprise 2.0^ digital asset management^ records management^ and imaging. At its core it is a repository for rich content like documents^ web assets^ XML^ and multimedia. The repository is surrounded by a services layer (supporting both SOAP and REST) that makes getting content into and out of the repository a breeze^ which is why so many next generation Internet solutions are built on Alfresco. Implementing Alfresco usually involves extending the repository to accommodate your business-specific metadata and business logic. These extensions are done using some combination of Java^ Spring Surf^ JavaScript^ XML^ and FreeMarker. This book takes you through a set of exercises as if you were rolling out and customizing the platform for a fictional organization called SomeCo^ which wants to roll out Alfresco enterprise-wide. Each department has a set of requirements that need addressing. You will learn how to extend Alfresco to meet these requirements. By the time you ve worked through the entire book^ you will be familiar with the entire platform. You ll be prepared to make your own customizations even when they are part of a document management solution in Alfresco Share. This book will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make Alfresco meet your needs.