Advanced TypeScript 3 Programming Projects

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Build real-world highest quality and complex web-based applications with TypeScript in a more robust way.

Covered topics:

  • Understand how TypeScript relates to JavaScript
  • Learn how to use the core features of TypeScript
  • Learn how to create Object Oriented TypeScript
  • Use TypeScript in both the web browser and at the server side
  • Learn how to use AngularJS with TypeScript
  • Learn how to use React with TypeScript
  • Learn how to use TypeScript in conjunction with ASP.NET Core


With the demand for ever more complex websites^ the ability to write robust^ standards-compliant JavaScript has never been greater. TypeScript is modern JavaScript with the support of a first-class type system so learning TypeScript means that it is simpler than ever to write complex web systems. TypeScript gives you^ the tools that you need to build reliable systems while still being able to use the JavaScript libraries of your choice. In this book^ we are going to learn by building a series of websites^ how to build TypeScript applications. While covering the foundations of TypeScript^ we are going to see how to leverage more advanced features of the language such as promises and async/await to create compelling web applications. You will experience a variety of solutions to problems with TypeScript. We will do web development projects briefly on simple vanilla typescript to get the ball rolling^ then a full stack project with node.js^ a project with TypeScript^ A CRM application with React and microservices^ a cloud-based map application with Angular and Firebase. In the end^ we will build an image recognition application with TensorFlow. We will also learn how to use TypeScript effectively with .NET Core application along with by building a Music library application. By the end of this book^ you will be able to build high-quality and high-performing web-based applications across various domains for your clients.