Moodle Administration Essential Training

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tackles Moodle s administrative side. It provides a simple introduction to installing and setting up a Moodle site—even for those with no server or database-related experience. Author George Papazian explores the server environment required to install and run Moodle 2.8^ describing how to configure the LMS for a variety of applications. George also covers common administrative tasks such as creating and managing users and courses^ adjusting permissions^ and setting up a school-wide grading system. He shows how to enhance Moodle with themes and plugins^ which allow administrators to customize the look and functionality of their sites. The course closes with some tips on keeping Moodle more secure.

Covered topics:

  • Business
  • Higher Education
  • LMS
  • Education + Elearning
  • Elearning
  • Teacher Tools
  • Moodle