Learning Autodesk Subassembly Composer

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Subassemblies are the building blocks of corridor design^ crucial for the development of roads^ highways^ and railways. AutoCAD Civil 3D users can compose complex subassemblies visually^ using a powerful yet easy-to-use Subassembly Composer^ which installs directly with Civil 3D. Learn how to use the Subassembly Composer to create subassemblies that meet your specific design requirements^ in this course with Christopher Roberts^ PE. Follow along as Christopher shows how to define a custom subassembly and add parameters^ points^ links^ and shapes. See a preview of the subassembly geometry^ and test how the subassembly behaves with different target values and conditions. Then find out how to make your subassemblies even more powerful with Visual Basic code. Christopher provides a cookbook of recipes for adding decision making^ enumerations^ switches^ and variables to subassemblies^ for more complex logic and automation. Last but not least^ get some additional resources for working with the built-in PKT files^ style guides^ and the geometric looping function new in 2016.

Covered topics:

  • CAD
  • Civil Engineering
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D