In The Studio with Shaky Feelin

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How do bands evolve as their sound matures? Mark Masson and his band^ Shaky Feelin ^ have been writing and playing songs for five years. In the beginning^ they played 4-hour local gigs^ where they learned to improvise. That nimbleness evolved into their signature sound: a new wave jam band mixing the best elements of Sublime and Phish—and two drum kits. In this short documentary^ we follow Shaky Feelin into the studio and onto the stage at Crest Theatre in Los Angeles^ where they play one of their biggest shows to date. The band compares the benefits of festivals vs. shows for up-and-coming acts^ explains why they are more into DIY management at this stage in their careers^ and shares the secrets of their ongoing success: perseverance^ a positive attitude^ and good songwriting. Watch and hear excerpts of their most popular songs^ such as Piece of Mind^ Feels Alright^ and Insider Mind.

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