AWK Essential Training

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So you ve got a large data set. New information is always coming in^ and it s messy and inconsistent. Text files^ Excel spreadsheets^ web forms^ email messages^ and so on. You d like to find a way to format it into something clean and consistent you can use in a database^ and you d like to automate that process as much as possible. Enter AWK^ a command-line tool for Mac^ Unix^ and Linux that allows you to manipulate data in powerful ways. In this course^ award-winning author and teacher David D. Levine shows you how to use AWK to read and write data in a variety of formats^ produce reports^ and automate repetitive tasks. He reviews the nuts and bolts of the language^ such as field separators^ pattern matching^ variables^ operators^ expressions^ and control structures, functions available for manipulating data, and integration with other programs like Excel.

Covered topics:

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