Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise

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Learn how sustainability issues influence corporate strategy and how corporations may transform these challenges into sources of competitive advantage.

Covered topics:

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Increasing concerns about the state of our planet have catapulted sustainability issues from the corporate backburner to the boardroom. Consequently^ corporate sustainability initiatives have flourished^ driven by a desire to minimize costs and risks^ maximize opportunities and enhance reputation. What does sustainability mean in the business context? Why has it captured so much attention from academics as well as corporate leaders? How can businesses manage emerging sustainability challenges without compromising their core advantages^ and transform themselves into sustainable enterprises ? This course explores the emerging relationships between sustainability issues and competitive advantage. Building on the basic concepts of strategic management^ this course will explore how managers may effectively deal with the sustainability challenges that they now encounter. By encouraging you to reflect on these issues using multiple case studies^ discussions and interviews^ we will aim to enhance your understanding of alternative models of strategy development in the context of sustainable development.