Manage Office 365 Identities

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Learn how to implement and manage the various types of identities in Office 365^ including cloud^ synced and federated identities.

Covered topics:

  • Computer Science
  • Business & Management


In this training course^ you will learn how to set up and manage users and groups^ known as identities^ in Office 365. You will learn the different types of identities that are available to create and configure in Office 365 and the benefits of using each one of them. For example^ Office 365 allows you to synchronize your local Active Directory users to the cloud^ so that you only have to manage your users in one place and the changes are synchronized to the cloud automatically. You will also learn the implications of using a specific identity type and how to manage the passwords for those users. Office 365 offers a rich set of security features for identities to ensure your data is protected.