LaTeX for Students^ Engineers^ and Scientists

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Explore a new way of writing and typesetting articles^ books^ papers^ etc. using a document preparation system called LaTeX.

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  • Engineering


LaTeX^ a document preparation system^ is widely used for publishing in many scientific fields like mathematics^ statistics^ computer science^ engineering^ chemistry^ physics^ economics^ linguistics^ etc.. It is a powerful and open-source system that provides numerous facilities for automating typesetting of the document: i.e. structuring page layout^ listing and auto-numbering of sections^ tables^ figures^ generating a table of contents^ managing cross-referencing^ citing^ and indexing.Unlike other WYSIWYG editors^ the content is written in plain text along with appropriate commands^ thus^ allowing the user to concentrate on the content rather than the aesthetics (the way it looks). The TeX typesetting program which LaTeX uses^ was designed such that anyone can create good quality material with less efforts. ,This course introduces the basic concepts of LaTeX. Participants taking this course will be able to create and design documents in LaTeX and presentations in Beamer with confidence.