Introduction to C#

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<p>Learn the basics of the C# programming language^ one of the most popular programming languages used to develop software for the Microsoft platform but also used to develop software for&nbsp,Linux^ Android^ and iOS systems as well.</p>

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  • Computer Science


There are many programming languages in use today.  ,Choosing which ,language to program in can be based on many factors such as learning curve^ job specific requirements^ platform specifics^ or a plethora of other criteria. , ,In this course^ you will be introduced to the ,C# language and the world of .NET programming. , ,The C# programming language was created from the ground up to be an object-oriented programming language that offers ease of use^ familiarity to C/C++ and Java developers^ along with enhanced memory and resource management. , C# is prevalent on the Microsoft platform but is also being used to develop software that runs on Linux^ Android^ and iOS devices as well. , Learning C# can position you ,for future programming opportunities^ provide a solid foundation in object-oriented programming knowledge^ and pave the way for learning other programming languages. , , This course aims to teach you about the core aspects of the C# language.This course is the first part of a three-part series designed to teach core C# language fundamentals. , In the second course of the series^ you will learn object-oriented programming concepts and the third course offers instruction on data structures and algorithms with C#. , , Once you complete the series^ you will have a very good foundation of C# knowledge to expand on and learn more as you progress in your programming career or hobby.