Extend Your Application with REST Services

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Learn how to migrate a Visual Studio 2008 Windows Forms application to Visual Studio 2017^ and then modernize the application by implementing REST APIs and cloud services.

Covered topics:

  • Computer Science


In this course^ you will migrate a legacy WinForms application to Visual Studio 2017^ and then update the application to take advantage of today&rsquo,s modern coding technologies. During the labs in this course^ you will take a Windows Forms application that we built (for a training course) almost 10 years ago^ migrate it to Visual Studio 2017 and the latest version of the .Net framework^ and then integrate Rest APIs and Azure Services in order to improve security^ scalability^ code re-use^ versioning^ deployment^ and other factors. The modernized application will implement cloud services like Azure Active Directory^ Azure SQL Database^ Azure App Service Web APIs^ and continuous deployment. The target audience is any developer who has legacy Windows apps and is responsible for updating and maintaining the code in a cost effective and timely manner.