Digital Dividends: Strengthening the Analog Foundation of the Digital Revolution

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From the World Development Report (WDR) 2016^ learn what the internet and related digital technologies can do for your family^ business^ city and country.

Covered topics:

  • Economics & Finance
  • Computer Science
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  • Communication


Using a variety of learning tools and methodologies^ this course will help you understand the role that the internet plays in economic development^ and in the lives of people and businesses in general. Traditional development challenges are preventing the digital revolution from fulfilling its transformative potential: the opportunity to bring broader development gains in the form of faster growth^ more jobs and better services to economies. In this course^ you’ll explore answers to the following key questions: What are the challenges that prevent digital dividends from spreading more rapidly? What are the most important returns to digital investments? What should be done to fully benefit from the digital revolution? The course will benefit a broad variety of audiences^ ranging from student to policymaker^ and from entrepreneur to civic actor.