Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using Angular

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Learn the basic concepts behind Angular and the lifecycle of an Angular component. Plus^ learn about the TypeScript compiler and how it’s used with Visual Studio Code.

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If you&rsquo,re a front-end developer using Angular^ you&rsquo,re already creating dynamic webpages for mobile and desktop web apps. Broaden your programming experience with a deeper dive into this open source framework. In this course for developers using Angular versions 2 and greater^ you&rsquo,ll work through a series of sequential modules that cover increasingly complex topics. See why tried-and-true Angular does just what you need it to do^ as you create sophisticated^ enterprise-grade web apps that render^ HTML components based on the client. Get a history of Angular^ and explore basic Angular concepts and Node Package Manager. Create components and HTML templates^ and look at template syntax and binding. Learn about the lifecycle of an Angular component or directive^ the dependency injection framework^ and even how to design modular applications. Work with advanced TypeScript features^ like declarations^ modules^ and namespaces^ and see their usage within Angular. Finally^ review the TypeScript compiler and learn how it is used with Visual Studio Code. Make the most of the videos^ hands-on labs^ and multiple-choice assessments^ as you build on your Angular experience.