Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch

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Learn how to use Python and its popular libraries such as NumPy and Pandas^ as well as the PyTorch&nbsp,Deep Learning library. You ll then apply them&nbsp,to build&nbsp,Neural Networks and Deep Learning models.

Covered topics:

  • Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering


The course will teach you how to develop Deep Learning models using Pytorch while providing the necessary deep-learning background.We ll start off with PyTorch s tensors and its Automatic Differentiation package. Then we ll cover different Deep Learning models in each section^ beginning with fundamentals such as Linear Regression and logistic/softmax regression.We ll then move on to Feedforward ,deep neural networks^ the role of different activation functions^ normalization and dropout layers.In the final part of the course^ we ll focus on Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning (pre-trained models). Several other Deep Learning methods will also be covered.