Computing for Data Analysis

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A hands-on introduction to basic programming principles and practice relevant to modern data analysis^ data mining^ and machine learning.

Covered topics:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Analysis & Statistics


The modern data analysis pipeline involves collection^ preprocessing^ storage^ analysis^ and interactive visualization of data. The goal of this course^ part of the Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters program^ is for you to learn how to build these components and connect them using modern tools and techniques. In the course^ you&rsquo,ll see how computing and mathematics come together. For instance^ &ldquo,under the hood&rdquo, of modern data analysis lies numerical linear algebra^ numerical optimization^ and elementary data processing algorithms and data structures. Together^ they form the foundations of numerical and data-intensive computing. The hands-on component of this course will develop your proficiency with modern analytical tools. You will learn how to mash up Python^ R^ and SQL through Jupyter notebooks^ among other tools. Furthermore^ you will apply these tools to a variety of real-world datasets^ thereby strengthening your ability to translate principles into practice.