Communicating and Negotiating in a Dynamic Global World

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<p>Within this course^ you will learn how to better understand and master strategies for interpersonal encounters^ including conflict resolution^ in multicultural environments. You will also learn how to improve your global mindset and negotiation skills.</p>

Covered topics:

  • Business & Management


This course uses a dynamic and engaging approach to develop the skills for effective communication in international business settings. This course will include techniques and methods for handling interpersonal encounters in multicultural environments. You will learn best practices in negotiating globally^ resolving disputes^ and making decisions across cultural boundaries. Working in a global^ cross-cultural role requires effective communication with individuals and groups from different parts of the world. The success of a leader depends on his or her ability to work effectively with people who may understand and react to situations differently. Therefore^ the ability to communicate effectively is a critical requirement to dispute resolution^ decision making and working across multicultural teams. Learners will leave this course with stronger communication skills^ knowledge^ insights and experiences necessary to be a successful international manager.