Importing Data in R (Part 1)

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In this course^ you will learn to read CSV^ XLS^ and text files in R using tools like readxl and data.table.

Covered topics:

  • Data Analyst with R
  • Data Scientist with R
  • Importing & Cleaning Data with R


Importing data into R should be the easiest step in your analysis. Unfortunately^ that is almost never the case. Data can come in many formats^ ranging from .csv and text files^ to statistical software files^ to databases and HTML data. Knowing which approach to use is key to getting started with the actual analysis. In this course^ you’ll start by learning how to read .csv and text files in R. You will then cover the readr and data.table packages to easily and efficiently import flat file data. After that^ you will learn how to read .xls files in R using readxl and gdata.