Building a Text-Based Bank in Java

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By the end of this project^ you will learn how to create a basic banking command-line application using Java and Eclipse. This application will be able to model real life bank functions such as adding an account^ increasing/decreasing the balance of an account^ and allowing a user to check their balance. We will also learn how to store basic demographic information of each account holder and learn how to output a summary of all accounts. This application will demonstrate standard programming paradigms^ and teach students about essential programming concepts such as variables^ commenting^ input and output to the user with the Scanner class^ and importing/using standard Java libraries. We will also cover more powerful concepts such as conditional statements^ loops^ and arrays. Students can expect to walk away from the course confident in their ability to use essential Java programming tools^ with a basic working understanding of how Java functions.

Covered topics:

  • Computer Programming
  • Application Design
  • Java