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FusionCharts, part of InfoSoft Global (P) Ltd, is privately held software provider of data visualization products (JavaScript Charts, Maps, Widgets and Dashboards) with offices in Bangalore and Kolkata, India. FusionCharts has 23,000 customers and 500,000 users in 120 countries, including technology giants such as Apple, Google, ZOHO, Cisco, Facebook, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, EMC, Nokia, Tibco, as well as The Weather Channel, NASA, and the Federal Government of the United States.A 100% bootstrapped company, FusionCharts has earned a 2010-11 revenue of $4.5 million and has clocked revenues of up to $7 million, or Rs 39 crore. == History == The idea behind FusionCharts was born in 2001 when 16-year-old Pallav Nadhani found himself dissatisfied with Microsoft Excel's charting capabilities while using the program to complete high school class assignments. Nadhani subsequently authored an article on Wrox Press's technology website which examined the thesis that Macromedia Flash, then used mainly for web banners and pop-up ad, could be used to build an interactive charting solution for business applications such as dashboards and reports. The article earned him $1,500 and feedback from developers, which together acted as seed money and motivation for establishing the FusionCharts concept.In 2002 at 17, Nadhani founded Infosoft Global. - read more on Wikipedia

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