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Ext JS is a pure JavaScript application framework for building interactive cross platform web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting. It can be used as a simple component framework (to e.g. create dynamic grids on otherwise static pages), but also as a full framework for building single-page applications. Originally built as an add-on library extension of YUI by Jack Slocum on April 15, 2007, beginning with version 1.1, Ext JS retains no dependencies on external libraries, instead making their use optional. Nowadays Ext JS can be used both as a single script (with all classes and components in one file) or by building the application with Sencha Cmd. == Features == === GUI controls (components) === Ext JS includes a set of GUI-based form controls (or "widgets") for use within web applications: text field and textarea input controls date fields with a pop-up date-picker numeric fields list box and combo boxes radio and checkbox controls html editor control grid control (with both read-only and edit modes, sortable data, lockable and draggable columns, and a variety of other features) tree control tab panels toolbars desktop application-style menus region panels to allow a form to be divided into multiple sub-sections sliders vector graphics charts === Themes and toolkits === Sencha also provides some themes to style the components. - read more on Wikipedia

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