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WantToLearn Business Plan

The 4th industrial revolution promises many transformations. And while the future is full of uncertainties, there is at least one thing everyone agrees about: education will thrive.

According to businessinsider, edtech investments were up to 19 billion in 2019. An important increase compared with 16.34 billion in 2018. No wonder there are already 14 EdTech unicorns. But this is just a small piece of 200 billion $ world online education …

Why you should include WebAssembly in your knowledge portfolio? Reasons for pragmatic programmers.


We’ve already made an overview of WebAssembly. It was focused for entry level in the IT industry. People who are curious about technology in general. We usually do that with every Letter for students and we do our best to have a letter for students for every technology. And by student we mean those people who don’t know from where to start and struggle in making their way into …