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The Internet, which has enabled instant global communication and access to information, is already transforming the educational system. The content available online is easier to publish, access, evaluate and improve, making it the first option for students.

We are searching for investors

The project is on the second stage of development. We are looking for investors, partners in our mission to improve the online education! If you are an investor, you like our idea and you are interested to invest, please apply for our Pitch Deck and find more about our plan.


Our mission is to equip individuals for modern personalized learning. We will know we’ve done a great job when our data platform and tooling will efficiently support world-wide users to:

Team Members



Co-founder WantToLearn




Python Developer



Co-founder WantToLearn



We are aware that the scope of our mission is too ambitious today. But every great journey starts with a first step. That's why we’ve restrained the scope of our work to the Information and Technology field (programming, data science, security, testing, etc.), which is also our main domain of expertise.

Our Story

Two of the co-founders of WantToLearn were part of the team ScriuCod, a Romanian social business meant to guide children and non-initiated IT adults in making their first steps as software developers. And they studied and innovated in many ways to accelerate learning through: personalization, mentoring, small groups, etc.

But there was one last challenge: they couldn’t scale with ease:

ScriuCod as a business was completely transferred to other community-oriented owners. But its last challenge defines WantToLearn mission.